How Does a Home Medicines Review (HMR) Work?

A MyMedsHealth clinical pharmacist can provide personalised care and attention to your medications and health. We don’t dispense medications but review what you are taking to make sure they are compatible, as well as explaining how they work.

We can ensure that you:

  • are on the right medications
  • are not taking unnecessary or costly medications
  • understand what you are taking and why
  • don’t have to put up with troublesome side effects
  • are in the best health possible and are reaching your goals

Your GP may have already referred you for a Home Medicine Review (HMR).  This is where a pharmacist visits you at home to go through all of your medications with you to come up with a medication management plan (in discussion with your GP).

Step 1 – Arrange a time for the home visit

If your doctor has referred you for a HMR, the pharmacist will call you to arrange a time for them to visit. If your doctor has not made a referral yet, you will need to request one.

The Home Medicines Review is subsidised by the government so you don’t have to pay for this service.

Step 2 – Meet the pharmacist to develop a medication management and care plan

During the medicine review the pharmacist will ask about your medications, how you store them, why you are on them, who manages them, how you keep track of what you are taking, what you understand, what doctors or specialists you see, your health goals and concerns and how you rate your health.

The pharmacist will coordinate information from your GP and other health care providers to come up with a medication management plan, with advice on how to best manage your medications and conditions to optimise your health and wellbeing.

This plan will address any concerns or issues you or your GP may have. For example, you may want to keep your medications to a minimum, get your pain under control or stop feeling drowsy all the time.  You may want to lose weight and quit smoking.  Maybe your doctor is concerned that your medications may interact and cause unwanted side effects. We would address all of these issues in your care plan and come up with the best solution.

Step 3 – Follow up with your GP and/or pharmacist

Once you have seen the pharmacist, you will need to make a follow up appointment with your GP.

The pharmacist and your GP will discuss the outcome of the medicine review and the plan will be finalised with you when you come in to see your GP.

You will be provided with a new medication list if there are any changes.

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