Older Persons

In any aging body, things begin to change. Your body as a whole slows down and things can become rusty or start to break down on you. It’s important to remember though that everyone ages differently and age does not define you.

Medications can not only behave differently in an aging body but their risk benefit ratio can change over time so something that was prescribed many years ago many no longer derive the same benefit and may in fact be causing more harm than good.

As you age, so might your priorities and concerns. Readjusting to life with a different perspective is all encompassing and we can help to adjust your medication management so it fits in with you and your needs.

Older persons are more likely to be on multiple medications and seeing multiple healthcare providers. It can be difficult to keep track of all your medications, and to remember all the changes and advice that is given.

A medicine review can help to identify any potential problems with your medications and can address any concerns you or a loved one may have. We can also provide ongoing services to monitor your medications as you journey through the healthcare system, providing advice and support along the way.

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