Home Medicines Review

Our integrated Home Medicines Review system is proactive, efficient and timely. There is less paper work and no external correspondence required as it is all done in house so the process is streamlined and intuitive.

  • It is estimated that 320,000 medication related hospital admissions occur annually1.
  • Approx 30% of hospital admissions in patients 75 years and older, in Australia, are related to adverse drug events (ADEs)2,3  with approx  50% considered potentially preventable.
  • ADEs increase proportionally to the number of medications being used4

Your practice pharmacist can provide medication related advice to help you and your patients determine the most appropriate therapy, tailored to the individual, to optimise outcomes and minimse the risk of adverse effects.

This billable service ($154.80) means medication related issues are addressed comprehensively so everybody wins.

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