Who Benefits from MyMedsHealth?

The people who will benefit most from a Home Medicine Review (HMR) are those on multiple medications or with complex drug regimens, people living with chronic diseases or with multiple medical conditions, elderly patients and people who see multiple care providers.

Doctors caring for these types of patients will benefit having an extra pair of eyes and ears from a specialist pharmacist focused on keeping up to date with medications and who is trained to pick up possible problems or errors.

Diabetes education is a valuable service for people living with diabetes. Whether the diabetes is newly diagnosed or long standing, a diabetes educator understands what it is like to live with diabetes and can provide ongoing support and advice.

Our Health coach is a certified practitioner in Lifestyle Medicine, trained in behaviour change, to help you set and achieve your health goals. Breaking old habits is tough when you’re doing it alone. Our health coach works with people who are looking to improve their health and well-being but don’t know how or just need that extra support and guidance.

The clinical pharmacy service is essentially a support service for general practitioners, helping to oversee and monitor patients for medication efficacy (effectiveness), adverse events, side effects, adherence and tolerability. The pharmacist can also provide education which doctors may not have time to do.

The government and tax payers benefit as we promote quality use of medicines by optimising medication management.  We minimise inappropriate or unnecessary prescribing, improve patient safety and ensure care plans are in place and followed to better manage chronic disease. This reduces hospital admissions and the costs of healthcare.

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